Hints and Tips For Any Online Shooter – Reach the Top of the Leaderboard  

Hints and Tips For Any Online Shooter – Reach the Top of the Leaderboard


You enjoy playing your favorite online shooter but you keep getting killed. You always end up with more deaths at the end of the round than you have kills and you don’t know what you are doing wrong. This feeling can be quite 38 super ammo for sale t succeed at? The good news is that there are some simple guidelines you can follow to increase your success on any online shooter.

If you’re dying a lot, the first thing you need to do is play more cautiously. How do you do this? Well, we all enjoy running into a place Rambo-style, all guns blazing but it’s very rarely effective. It is very likely that there is a much stealthier person waiting for people to do just that so that they can score some simple kills. So instead of running around the map firing away carelessly you should move around stealthily. Try to keep away from large open spaces on the map as they are almost always a focus point for snipers. You will also want to avoid windows and doors as you’re moving around because that will immediately give away your position to anyone close by and leave you vulnerable to being ambushed. Another thing that can further your success is paying close attention to your environment as you move. When you hear gunshots, for example, try to detect which direction they are coming from. If they’re close you may be able to move in that direction cautiously and hopefully finish off an injured player.

You will also want to play close attention to your ammo and health. Knowing what your status is at all times will help you make good decisions about whether to engage another player or not. The last thing you want to do is move into a fight with very few bullets. Most games offer you a secondary weapon to carry as well as some type of grenades. If you’re primary weapon is running low on ammo always switch to your secondary weapon so you can be prepared for any other players you may run into. The grenades you are given are also a very important tool. However, there are many players that don’t make use of them or that use them incorrectly. Do you remember what I said about moving around cautiously? Grenades can help you do that very effectively and score you some kills in the process. Any time you are about to enter a room or different area it is a good practice to throw a grenade in ahead of you if you have any. If there any players in the area they will either be killed or at least injured, making them an easy target when you enter.

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