Ode to the Cell Phone Stun Gun


It’s late around evening time and the roads are so calm


I’m strolling alone yet I’ll fear no mob.


Since in my pocket I hold some security


It’s an awesome thing, my 30-30 Winchester  one choice.


It seems to be a cell to the unaided eye


Yet, a telephone it isn’t, this thing is so guileful.


It’s a non-deadly weapon of self-preservation.


I will stop for a minute it is so you are not in tension.


It’s a mobile phone immobilizer and I think they are sharp


It shields the blameless from individuals that are mean.


Assuming an aggressor you dread, with this you shouldn’t


This thing will curb him until in prison he can decay.


It’s as viable a weapon as might perhaps be


Thus a lot more secure than a firearm, I trust this you can see.


A daze gadget ought to leave no dependable impact


Though a gun can be truly a disaster area.


In practically all cases the assailant is okay


However he might awaken in prison doing genuine time.


A shock gadget, as everyone knows


Doesn’t leave an opening that a specialist should close.


So we should be altruistic and not end a daily existence


As could positively be the situation with a firearm or a blade.


An immobilizer simply obstructs driving forces from the mind


They aren’t really intended to cause an assailant torment.


By obstructing neurological signs from the head


It holds an aggressor back from attempting to make you dead.


It essentially gives you control of their activities


Also, they are a lot less expensive than a gun (we’re talking a small portion).


Also, you don’t have to feel like a rendition of Rambo


As the cell immobilizer is so darn undercover.


Indeed, even straight very close it simply seems to be a cell


Not a strong immobilizer intended to demolish an assailant.


How strong you ask, well it will give genuine shocks


These things pack a pummeling 4.5 million volts.


That is all that could possibly be needed to stop the baddest assault


Regardless of whether the assailant is raised on break.


You might believe that this gadget simply stops not too far off


At being viable without hurting a hair.


However, you would be mixed up; this thing is carefully hidden


It likewise comes outfitted with a brilliant light.


What do as well is appropriate for yourself as well as your friends and family


Also, emphatically consider conveying mobile phone immobilizers.


Remain Safe,

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